_mg_3573_960 Luis Resto has been a behind-the-scenes mainstay in the music biz, collaborating as a keyboardist, synth maestro and producer with everyone from Patti Smith to Eminem... “Combo De Momento” showcases his uncanny knack for blending disparate elements from rock, jazz, electronica and soul into one intriguing, pleasing sound. - Megan O'Neil, Metro Times

Resto’s “Combo De Momento” stirs a variety of influences into its stylistic stew, including pop, jazz, soul, R&B and classical flavors... The result is a disc laden with loose, improvisational playing that never meanders into gratuitous showboating. - Gary Graff, Oakland Press
An impressive showcase for pianist Resto and his genre-bending skills. Serious chops are on display here: With a well-credentialed cast of players -- including bassist Paul Nowinski and drummer Keith Leblanc -- Resto delivers sharp-focused studio fare with the simmering art-rock mood piece "Effigy" and the warm jazz instrumentals "Olivia" and "Olivia Bop."
But it's the album's side of live material -- yes, this is a vinyl record -- that really lets Resto and company stretch, including the multilayered adventure "We Called it a Day" and playful "Cold Heart"... - Brian McCollum, Detroit Free Press

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