Eric Gales-TM Stevens-Keith Leblanc (L.S.G) VOODOO CHILE WINTER TOUR 2010

(From the Keith LeBlanc Road Blog on moderndrummerfavicon_16 Modern Drummer 12.10.10),


Hi Keith LeBlanc here.

I think this is probebly the closest I will get to playing with Jimi Hendrix . The shows are  to be 90 minutes. But we always end up playing average two and a half hours.

I have been playing drums professionally for over thirty years. And after all this time walking to the stage to play always holds the same feeling of anticipation for me. Live Music  always has a life of its own. I am playing with two monster players. T.m. Sevens  is a wonderful bass player. And Eric gales is just a monster of guitar. Both these guys have great time so playing with them is very comfortable and supportive.

Its been fun for me to revisit my childhood thought music. The Jimmy Hendrix Experience was a great influence on me as a kid. Mitch Mitchells' playing was my x box at age 7.  But as a child I was just trying to keep up with Mitch and learn as many of his licks as possible. Before I did this gig I spent some time listing to the old recordings again . And you Know what? They sound just as good as I remember.  I wanted to break down just what Mitch was doing in that famous trio.  I found that  Noel Redding held things down with the bass like a rock And Mitch supported that. But he also kicked what Jimi was doing on guitar at the same time. 

I think Joco Pastorious said it best (you can play anything as long as you keep the groove going at the same time.) And that was the great thing about Mitch playing his drum fills were always a big part of the groove. To me playing Hendrix tunes with Eric and T.M is some of the most fun a drummer can have without getting arrested!!!!






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